Rebel gives people who care a chance to make a difference in the world. It makes us a many-faceted, broadly-orientated company that we feel we can be proud of.

We begin!
There were just ten of us when we started out on July 1, 2002. Having learnt the ropes at a well-established Rotterdam consultancy firm, we decided to go our own way. Our mission: to contribute to positive change in the world. We could not think of a better way to achieve this than to position ourselves at the interface of public and private initiative where public interest and private entrepreneurship meet. We did not want to watch from the sidelines but realise change through personal investment as well as advisory support.

We have grown with every new project, never losing sight of the need to deliver tailor made service. When we spot an opportunity for change we set up a new business, a partnership based on a relationship of trust with the initiating entrepreneur. Anyone with an interesting idea and the courage to commit his or her future to a new venture will find a willing partner in Rebel.

Trust has been the mainstay of our relationship with partners from the start. Our way of working is informal and non-hierarchical. We don’t like red tape. We don’t like structure for the sake of it – a structure should help, not hinder. We realise that this can cause friction. Of course we’re not infallible and often we seem to be on a quest for a holy grail. But we haven’t had to adapt our vision yet.

Advise, invest, implement
Since our foundation in 2002, Rebel has welcomed many inspiring people who have distinguished themselves in the markets in which we are active. Parent company RebelGroup is a partner in several companies with a total number of over 120 employees, with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, the USA, South Africa, the Philippines and Indonesia. We advise local and national authorities and private companies (RebelGroup Advisory Nederland, RebelGroup Advisory Belgium, RebelGroup International, IMG Rebel (USA), Rebel Economics & Transactions, Rebel Energy, Water & Climate, Rebel Finance & Transactions, Rebel Strategy & Finance and RebelGroup Advisory Southern Africa). We invest in companies that share our mission with Rebel Valley. We offer change management and project implementation (RebelGroup Executives, Rebel Transitiemanagement and Rebel Infrastructure Assets & Operations). And in conclusion, we help companies to manage financing (Rebel Capital) and provide in-company training on topics in financial economics (Rebel Academy).

We’ve done the groundwork and more. We are confident that the next years will be even better.