Mission statement

At Rebel, we want to change the world. How? By creating socially responsible business partnerships. It’s a big challenge but one we are willing to take on.

Make your opinion count
In ten years’ time, we want to have been instrumental in a number of  major changes, and we want them to carry the distinctive Rebel stamp. Not only because we want to put something back into society but also because we do not like to stand idly by while things don’t work or don’t work well enough. Our motto is: if you think you can do better, let people know. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to your mother or a minister, if you ignore an opportunity to improve things you’re not Rebel material.

We take risks
At Rebel we often stick our necks out by taking on risks and investing in certain projects. By linking our earnings directly to the success of an enterprise we are putting our money where our mouth is. It shows we have faith in the advice we are giving. We have chosen to make our involvement as broad as possible, from policy and strategy to the actual realisation of a project, involving both public and private parties. This is what makes us different from other consultancy firms.

The interface of public and private initiative
Our place is at the interface of public and private initiative. It is an area where much can be achieved. Our involvement is driven by a responsibility for the public interest and a strong belief in the added value that innovative market parties can bring to a project.
How do you go about reconciling the ambitions of a public party with the possibilities private parties have to fulfil them? How do you manage the financial economics of such a partnership? What are its organisational challenges and decision making pitfalls? These are the kind of challenges Rebel likes to meet.

We are straight with our clients and we expect integrity and directness in return so we can work together to realise the dream of creating a more efficient and harmonious society. It may sound very idealistic and ambitious but we think it can be done. We are inviting all like-minded people to join the dream.