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Rebel is looking for a Fare Collection Consultant with extensive experience in public transport operator operations.

In 2002 we started Rebel because we wanted to make the world a little bit better. Today, about 160 Rebels are working from offices in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Johannesburg, Manila and Washington DC on projects in socially relevant sectors including real estate, infrastructure, mobility and transport, culture, healthcare, security and energy.

Who are we looking for?
We are growing and therefore we are on the lookout for new colleagues. We are now looking for a hands on consultant who has in-depth experience with the public transport operator side of the fare collection operations.

- You have at least 6 years of working experience at a Public Transport Operator and/or at a vendor of public transportation systems.
- You are hands on, willing and able to not only advise but also assist with the implementations, helped by your extensive knowledge in ticketing systems.
- You have been involved in or responsible for the fare collection activities or systems and intelligent transportation activities or systems.
- You have experience in project management.
- You have keen interest and linkage with problems and challenges at the public-private interface, in particular in a mobility and fare collection context.
- You have proven analytical capacity, strong speaking and writing skills in English and preferably a minimum of one other language.
- You can be proud of being accurate and consistent in reporting.
- You have experience with (public) procurement procedures, and know what public transport authorities want to achieve.
- You have a proven ability to solve problems on the basis of conceptual thinking as well as through application of quantitative analysis.
- You have the ability to work independently, create and seize opportunities where they arise, bring a strong commercial drive combined with an interest in social and civic issues and you see yourself developing an ambition to contribute to our growth and make Rebel even more successful.
- You are willing to travel.

We at Rebel believe in small-scale business and entrepreneurship. For this reason Rebel comprises a collection of small ventures in which we are both employees and shareholders. Ventures are not only involved advising, but also in investing. For example, through projects in which we are co-providers of capital, or through the setup of a new business or investment fund.

Rebel Transit & Ticketing
One of these companies is Rebel Transit & Ticketing. We provide advisory services on urban transport projects with a special focus on financing, implementing and improving seamless payment and ticketing systems for public transport – and we do so worldwide, from Europe and North America, to South-East Asia, the MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa regions. We provide these services to both public sector and private sector customers through supporting tender processes, project development and public policy strategies – and always at the interface of the public and private sectors. We are small but fast growing, allowing new colleagues to build a business and the company.

We advise our clients based on our own experience and having stood where these clients stand now. We remain practical at all times and aim for impact.

Example projects
Some of our projects include:
- Business (re-)modelling and change management for a large government operated fare collection system in North America
- Transaction Advisor on a Bus Rapid Transit project in Sub-Saharan Africa
- Tendering and implementing a contactless card for all metropolitan transit services in a city in South-East Asia
- Supporting an international consortium on creating European interoperability of transit smart cards
- Project development and tender support on an integrated metro line in South-East Asia
- Transaction advisory services to a private company in creating an unsolicited bid to create and operate citywide fare collection system in Sub-Saharan Africa

What we offer
We offer a dynamic and pleasant job in a create and enterprising environment with inspiring colleagues. An environment in which you will have maximal space, opportunity and support to develop yourself. You will work from our offices in Rotterdam but will join us in our projects abroad. We can discuss if you cannot relocate to the Netherlands just yet. You will be provided with amply autonomy, encouragement, remuneration and the opportunity to co-invest (in due course) both in Rebel itself as well as in new Rebel initiatives.

Contact and applications
Interested? Send a motivation letter with your resume and curricular results to (Please do not use the 'Reply on this vacancy' button at the bottom of this page!)

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